♻️ Our Mission

Quality, durability and comfort are in our DNA. Each substance is considered and weighed and must meet strict criteria. The cotton used for our items comes 100% from  organic cotton cultivation.
Our polyester is made from recycled polyester which we contribute to the circular economy. All our items are sustainably sourced and finished to perfection.

Our manufacturer works closely with suppliers to purchase only the best raw materials that are grown and manufactured in such a way that they support people, animals and do not harm the environment. Only GOTS certified organic cotton from India and recycled polyester from China are used.

In contrast to regular cotton, organic cotton is grown without chemical insecticides, fertilizers or pesticides. This means that no dangerous or toxic substances end up in the soil, rivers and lakes, so that farmers and their families can live in a safe environment.

Elk certificaat toont aan dat we naar gezonde milieupraktijken en meer respect voor de planeet toewerken in ons volledige productieproces.

Each certificate demonstrates our commitment to healthy environmental practices and greater respect for the planet throughout our entire manufacturing process.